Release Notes Latest: V3

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  1. Version 3


    • NEW DASHBOARD - Empty Locations
      • Shows the total amount of locations marked as Empty in numbers and as a percentage.
      • A breakdown of these by location type.
      • A breakdown of these locations in a table.
      • Total inbound and outbound quantities filterable by date.
    • NEW DASHBOARD - On Time & In Full
      • Designed to show the total orders that are shipped full, shipped partially and the percentage difference as a ‘Fill Rate’
      • This can be Broken Down by Inventory Category (if used in WAERlinx) or by Warehouse (if you are a multi-warehouse setup)
    • Hierarchies of locations are now included - meaning new filters that can be used across dashboards.
    • For daily dashboards you can now select a reset time to match your operators shift patterns.
    • ‘Last updated’ Sections are now based on your local time zone instead of the server time.

    Daily Dashboard

    • Back Order KPI is now split into orders that are partially available to ship and not.

    Sales Order Dashboard

    • At the line drill down, the line due date now appears if you support partial shipments.
    • Order lines are fully listed in the sales order drill down.
    • Drill down even further into the units to see when they were shipped.

    Count Results Dashboard

    • Now includes variants of count vs system quantity.
    • New KPI - % of Inventory counted.
    • New KPI - Pick Faces counted.
    • New filter on bar charts and KPI - Unit count + cost amount.
    • New colour scheme.
    • Offset cost of count (positive or negative).

    Operator Performance

    • Picking can now be split into individual sales order picking and work order picking dashboards.
  1. Version 2

    Daily Dashboard

    • Includes total active interface errors.
    • Now includes ‘Blocked’ as a status on the order progress bar.
    • Includes interface requests awaiting processing.

    Picking Dashboard

    • Now Includes a total quantity picked KPI for the day.

    Sales Order Dashboard

    • New KPI - Gross value for selected items.
    • New columns in order breakdown table - Sales Order Gross Amount, Delivery Country and Delivery Town.
    • The drill down on the sales order in the order breakdown table now shows the item SKU as well as the item description.

    Receiving Dashboard

    • New KPI - Total Expected Cost - shows expected cost on filtered times.
    • Table results are listed by purchase order, transfer order or RMA, and can be drilled down to show Item SKU and Item descriptions.
    • New table columns - Receipt status, received quantity and outstanding quantity.
    • Table now downloadable to XLS file.

    Count Results Dashboard

    • New KPI showing open counts.

    Delivery Map Dashboard

    • Update to colour scheme to remove red.
    • Additional filters added, including by item SKU, group and description to view where items are popular around the world.


    • New Report - Movements Dashboard - allows you to view the amount of orders picked, packed and shipped/Dispatched within a given time period.
    • Each report now includes a ‘Last updated’ module showing the last refresh time.
    • Improvement to reload times.

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